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February 27, 2022

School Magazines: Importance, Reasons For Publication & Much More!

A well-drafted book or artistically presented palette that consists of various educational stuff, creative compositions by students, institutional policies and ground rules, and remarkable projections of grand achievements by various students is what is known as a school magazine.


Every school takes upon itself to launch the school magazine, at least once a year. It often acts as a gospel for the entire school fraternity to go through the various affairs of the school, its achievements since its inception, initiation of effective educational policies, and provides deeper insights into the working principle of the institution.


As a student, haven’t you often come across your teachers asking everyone to submit their artistic entries while taking classes via the mobile teacher app? Well, that is because a magazine acts as the social document of an educational institution and upholds the merit and excellent talents of the students. Moreover, a school magazine also acts as a bridge by connecting the gap between parents and teachers, while keeping the students’ works in the magazine at the core and keeping the parents informed about the various novelties that the institution has brought forward with it.

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In this blog post, we will take a deeper look into the importance of a school magazine and give proper attention to the need behind publishing school magazines by the educational institutions. Let’s now take a deeper look into it!

Reasons Behind The Need To Publish Magazines By The Schools

#1: Representative Of The Youth’s Voice 

The publishing of school magazines every year is essential because it acts as the mouthpiece of several students as they get the golden opportunity to express their viewpoints via their creative pieces. They get the chance to exhibit their creative ideas and perspective by submitting their entries in the form of essays, plays, poems, stories, etc. They further get motivated to keep their writing stint alive in them and thus feel the need to not let their uniqueness dissipate with the increasing academic burden. Students vent out their thoughts and feelings on a certain topic via the magazine, and thus it is not unclear why releasing school magazines is a must for every educational institution.

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#2: Functions As A Medium Of Advertisement & Aids In Promotion Of The Institution 

Taking the initiative to issue the school magazine every year can actually work wonders for the institution itself. A school magazine acts as the perfect ‘tool’ by which the values, cultures, and systems of an institution get reflected in front of the public at large. This acts as a medium of advertisement as a great number of people come across the school’s goodness and its novel features. And, as you can already guess, a magazine is therefore instrumental in enhancing the popularity of the school among a large circle of the crowd.

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#3: Acts As The Perfect Educational Matter 

Schools really need to treat the publication of a magazine in a serious manner. After all, a magazine provides the students with the occasion to liberate their thoughts, brainstorm ideas and creatively express their views by penning down several pieces, be it literary or artistic. A magazine also serves the purpose of functioning as educational stuff as both teachers and students alike can load their minds with important bits of info and new ideas as they go through the creative pieces of art of each contributor.

Importance Of Issuing School Magazines

  • Instils into the minds of the students the value of co-operation and creativity, and sparks the need to participate in a healthy competition among the students;
  • Gives the students great exposure as they get the chance to showcase their creativity to a broad group of the audience;
  • Boosts the spirits of the budding writers and gives them a platform to bring out their written pieces to the entire fraternity of both students and teachers;
  • Helps the students evolve into individuals with great confidence;
  • Strengthens teamwork among the students as they go about collecting, editing and organizing the entries
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A school magazine is an important asset for every educational institution. Active participation of the students in contributing towards the magazine is essential to ensure they polish their creativity and not just indulge themselves in rote learning by following the lectures imparted via live video call. A little break from monotonous learning is essential. So, make it a point that you work towards creating a written sample for the magazine. Let your ideas flow out! Happy writing!


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